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Today’s free read comes from the new Passion Plays erotic romance collection. A 1200 word excerpt from Black Silk Stockings. You can also check out Black Silk Stockings in full in the Passion Plays Teaser, available FREE here and here. The Teaser also includes Red Willow (full story) and a sample from each tale in Passion Plays. Try before you buy!

Passion Plays is now available in the Kindle store and at Smashwords. Erotic romance readers, please grab a copy today and enjoy.

This is your final warning: DO NOT proceed beyond this point if you are under 18 years of age, or if you don’t care for explicit erotic romance. Instead, please browse the free reads page for dark fiction / horror reads. Thank you.

Black Silk Stockings

Gina and Ellie really needed this case. Despite being two of the best dicks this side of Granville, business went in spurts. Even with a lack of male P.I.s due to the war, they just weren’t getting enough jobs to fill their quota this summer. This, despite the respectable rep they and their strong arm, Frank Fellini, had built up over three years running Nightside Investigations.

But, professional name or not, in the grimy world of the private investigator many a rational man turned to a fool when he saw a set of shapely gams resting on the desktop clad in four-inch black pumps. Some kind of asinine superstition, Gina guessed, about hiring a dame you’d like to screw your brains out with–given the chance–to do your dirty work instead.

Only one thing stopped Gina and her Rita Hayworth look-alike partner from sealing the Hargrove case: Gina’s ex-husband, Peter Shelling. A lifetime ago, Gina worked as Peter’s Gal Friday. With her by his side, and their combined business and investigative capabilities, they’d ruled the Granville private dick district. Together they’d dug up the dirt on more than one crooked politician or corporate fat-cat, landing them accolades from Granville’s small but well known rag, The Gazette.

When Gina pushed for full partnership stakes in their P.I. business–to rise above her Gal Friday status and stand as Peter’s equal–he’d groused and belittled her pursuits. Then and there, a rift opened, ending their marriage two years later.

She and Peter remained friends, healthy rivals in the P.I. business, even helping one another out sometimes and splitting the cash on the case. But this time, she and Ellie needed every clam the Hargrove deal would bring in to pay the overdue rent. Their greasy landlord was breathing down their necks, making lewd suggestions about other ways they could pay for the office space. Slimy little fu…

The bathroom door opened, and Ellie sauntered out in a ruby satin nightie. The fiery material clung to her sculpted curves like it was alive, making love to her beautiful body.

“Can you help me with this garter, hon?” Ellie put her fluffy slipper up on the desk, and lifted her nightie up over the black silk stocking she wore.

Gina felt a twinge of heat in her pussy, and a trickle of wetness licked the inside of her labia. “Sure, doll.” The cool air from the overhead fans sent a delightful chill between her legs, up through her crotchless lace panties, as she moved toward her partner.

Sid Hargrove was part owner of Chin Kwan’s Chinese Theater, located in Granville’s notoriously seedy entertainment district. Hargrove was willing to pay big money to bring in a thieving magician who robbed the club blind, then skipped the joint before he finished his two week run of shows.

Sid’s business partner in the Chinese theater was a temperamental little man with rumored connections to some mighty fierce organized crime families back in Hong Kong. Chin Kwan had grown tired of Hargrove’s constant screw-ups, according to the grapevine. Hargrove had replaced the money taken by the disappearing magician out of his own cash. Now Sid wanted reparation.

Problem being Hargrove was a slime. He had a double deal planned to screw Gina and Ellie out of their payout, and get a cut rate on his case from Peter. Gina was furious.

Thanks to the cigarette girl down at Chin Kwan’s–a Ms. DeeDee Violet–Gina found out about a clandestine meeting between their client and Peter. Seemed Hargrove was looking for a P.I. willing to undercut Nightside on their job quote, and Peter, overheard by the clever Ms. DeeDee, was willing to go lower to win the job.

Being double-crossed by Peter, when they’d shared a respectable rivalry before, stung Gina. It was time for her and Ellie to get even, and snag their cash before Peter could cheat them.

She checked her outfit and overall appearance in the mirror hanging above the potted fern. A black full corset cinched her waist and accentuated her generous cleavage. Skin spilled over the scalloped ebony lace bra attached. She and Ellie both opted for black silk stockings. Peter’s secret weakness when it came to lingerie. He couldn’t resist that sexy seam running up the back of a woman’s calf.

When they were married, Peter bought her a new pair of black silk stockings and garter belt to match every birthday. Then they’d fuck like wildfire until the moon woke up the nightlife in Granville Island.

The ruse for bringing Peter into Nightside’s office was simple enough. Gina phoned him, revealing she, Ellie, and Frank knew of his secret plan with Hargrove. She wanted to make a deal. He was reluctant to accept at first, but she guilted him into remembering he owed her one.

Ellie had sent Frank out on a case they were working in the downtown metro area. Lovable Frank was a great guy and very open-minded. Equal when it came to women. A man ahead of his times. But his understanding only stretched so far. It was all right for Ellie to use seduction methods to cement a case they needed back when they weren’t dating. But now that they were an item, his hot Italian temper brought out the jealous side of Frankie, and he forbade Ellie from working her wares to get what Nightside needed. So today’s planned seduction was off the record. What Frankie didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

A shadow crossed the frosted glass. Gina lit up a Camel and took a long drag. She looked to Ellie, who smiled back, sliding a cigarette from the pack Gina held out to her. The game was on, and Gina had a pretty good idea who was going to win. If this was a horse race, she’d be betting the lot on herself.

The knock came short and businesslike. She called out, “Come in,” and positioned herself with one three-inch black heel up on the desk, giving Peter an optimal view when he walked through the door.

It took three long strides. Ellie shut the door and locked it before Peter realized the situation he was in. When it hit him, his fedora fell from his hand. The Colt tumbled from his mouth, cherry falling from the tip as it met gray lino.

“What the hell is this?” He dipped down to pick up his hat. Gina knew he was avoiding looking at her.

Ellie spoke up: “It’s a deal, just like we promised. Right, Gina?” She walked up beside her and put an arm around Gina’s shoulders, letting her red-lacquered fingernails dangle close to Gina’s cleavage. “Come on, Peter. Get comfy and we’ll talk.”

She walked around behind the desk and pulled out a chair, then swung one leg high, up and over the back. The motion exposed her shapely legs, ruby satin garters, and those next-to-nothing panties she wore.

Gina chuckled. Between the two of them, Peter was an injured mouse caught in a cat’s paw.

He backed up and grabbed the doorknob. Discovering himself locked in, he frowned. “Oh no, sweetie. I know a set up when it’s staring me in the face. You got big Frank waiting for me in the bathroom or somewheres, haven’t you?”

Gina laughed and moved away from the desk. Ellie pulled the skeleton key for the antiquated door from her lovely bosom. Peter gaped at the keyhole, then back at the pair of femme fatales who had him cornered.

Read in full by clicking the Teaser cover below.


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Detritus has received a nice review from The Eloquent Page. Please check it out here:

I’m thrilled the reviewer mentions Armoire among their favorites in Detritus. Here’s a snippet of what pablocheesecake had to say:

Armoire by Louise Bohmer – Sometimes when I read a short story it seems obvious to me that all I’m getting is the smallest of glimpses into a much larger world, Armoire felt like that. I think I could quite happily read an entire novel based around this stories premise – a young woman with magical powers becomes obsessed with collecting the spirits of inter-dimensional parasites.


Thanks to pablocheesecake and The Eloquent Pen for the review.

Featuring: Kealan Patrick Burke, Jeremy C, Shipp, Mary Borsellino, Brent Michael Kelley, Phil Hickes, L.S. Murphy, Michael R. Colangelo, Neil Davies, Louise Bohmer, Edmund Colell, S.P. Miskowski, Michael Montoure, Lee Widener, Pete Clark, and Opal Edgar.

The impulse to collect springs from deep within the human psyche Squirrels gather acorns, rats collect shiny things, but only humans assign meaning to the objects they collect. Detritus is a collection of stories about the impulse to collect, preserve, and display gone horribly wrong.

Grab a copy for your Kindle here. Paperback available from Omnium Gatherum or Amazon.

Be sure to ‘like’ the book on its Kindle page. It helps up our ranking!