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Today’s free erotic read gives you a peek at every story in Passion Plays. You can get these, and three free stories, in the Passion Plays Teaser. Download it from Smashwords: Or click the book cover below to download it free from my site.

If you’re not into erotic romance, or if you’re under 18, you may want to skip this entry and check out the horror / speculative fare the site has to offer.

Bio-Ink and Blueprint Whores

David is determined to stop Dr. Valentine’s black market, clone prostitute racket. However, he should’ve factored in Mistress Nadine. She’s all that stands in his way of putting the cloned whores out of commission. With a newly produced lady of the night, she intends to distract David enough to gain the upper hand. Who will win in this erotic duel for life or death?

A hot soak had stirred a dehydrated vixen. She now broke free of her silicone cocoon. Long hair stuck to her wet body in a slick, ebony sheet, as she shed her protective shell and rose from the bathtub.

Nadine’s free arm encircled his chest. “I designed her with you in mind.” Her fingers tugged at his thick, titanium zipper. “I knew you’d return soon.”

“You hoped.” He tried to freeze against her touch. Nadine’s hand slid down his wide pectorals, and then lower, across his stomach.

“Am I forgiven then?” Her metallic tongue slid into his ear as the newborn clone whore drew nearer to them.

The raven-haired beauty pushed her fingertips beneath his protective rubber armor, and the shield-clothing slipped down his corded arms.

“You’re forgiven.” David swallowed as hard nipples brushed his naked back.

“Our Dahlia needs a shower.” Nadine’s cool touch coiled around his erection. “Will you help me clean her up? You always liked that.” She worked his growing thickness with her expert touch.

David closed his eyes and groaned. “Yes.”

He let the made-to-order ladies lead him to a large, open shower area across from the bathroom.

Kat’s Apprentice

Katrina never realized taking on a tattoo apprentice could have such sexy potential! But when Daniel walks into her shop looking for a job, she finds much more tempting thoughts invading her mind—and work goes out the window.

“Close your eyes.”

She coiled the second section of chain around his other ankle then fastened it. Katrina slid herself up the length of his body, and then cupped his crotch, squeezing and massaging for a moment before she walked behind the chair. Daniel moaned at the loss of her touch.

She snapped the handcuffs around his wrists, restraining his hands at the back of the seat. He gasped as she tightened them. Moving to the front of him once more, she slipped into his lap. Kat could feel his erection pressing against her butt. Turning so she straddled him, she rubbed her groin against the sizeable bump in his faded jeans. Back and forth until Daniel jerked forward in the chair, obviously forgetting he was tied as he tried to move his arms.

He moaned, murmuring thickly, “Can I at least open my eyes now?”

She took her shirt off. “Go ahead.”

His eyelashes fluttered as he focused on her now bare breasts. Kat twined her arms around his neck and brought her large, taut nipples closer to his mouth. Daniel jerked forward and tried to catch one dark bud with his lips. She moved too fast for him, yanking back before he could nip her.

Roberta’s Younger Man

Farrah Lebrecque runs an upscale club for her friends both in and out of the adult entertainment industry. Roberta is her long-time friend, and Paul is Farrah’s ex-lover. Two years ago tonight, Farrah introduced Paul and Roberta in her exclusive sex club. The couple return to the club, on this eve, for some surprising fun. Not one to usually date younger men, Roberta finds out that her Paul can match any older man with the pleasures he has in store for her.

“See anything else you like in there?” he whispered, as he lifted the paddle from the bed and slid the soft-covered surface over her buttocks.

Robbie sighed as his tongue flitted into her ear, and Paul nibbled on her lobe. Her eyes fell on a cluster of indigo feathers laying on the bottom edge of the armoire’s inner chamber.

“How about a couple of feathers?”

“Whatever you want tonight, hon.” Paul moved back to the dresser. He plucked the blue-black plumes from the base of the cupboard.

The light click of a door opening came from behind Roberta. Her gaze moved to Paul, and he returned her curious smile with a smirk.

Warm hands slid around her waist and up her abdomen to cup her breasts. Womanly hands that possessed familiar, well-manicured nails. Fingers pinched her nipples, squeezed Robbie’s soft, rounded mounds.

“Mind if I join you?” Farrah’s exotic perfume enveloped Robbie’s senses. Her skin tingled with growing excitement, and her throat thickened with lust.

Paul joined the two women and slipped a feather into Farrah’s now outstretched hand.

“Excuse me, sir.” The voice of her sultry friend fanned Roberta’s ear, and she shivered. “But why are you still partially dressed?”

Services Rendered

Ben, a male escort with unsavory connections, hesitates on taking his long-time friendship with Sara to the next level. Can there be anything between them when he lives an underground life? After an impromptu call on his birthday, Sara decides to dash away his fears, and takes Ben into her bed. What follows is a night of raw, sensual passion, as the two let their long held chemistry explode.

Lighting a cigarette, she turned her head toward the dusty window and deserted highway. She let her blue silk robe fall open, and trailed a lazy hand down her stomach. Sara traced light, absent fingers around her trimmed thatch of dark gold hair. Her strokes slid lower, caressing the length of her inner thigh.

Closing her eyes, she sighed deeply, thoughts drifting. Taking another drag, she let her head fall back, releasing tension from her shoulders as she slid a finger up her labia and rubbed her clit. She moaned, and her muscles relaxed.

They’d met in high school, her and Ben, after Sara had moved to this dying metropolis. Both outcasts, too comfortable with their rebel nature to conform, they’d found each other in a sea of cut-out, perfect faces.
She left the remains of her cigarette burning in the ashtray on the nightstand, and spread her legs wider as she slid two fingers inside. The delicious tingling built quickly, and she shuddered as she climaxed.

The bedroom lit with the yellow eyes of an approaching car, and Sara padded across the hardwood floor to the window. The vehicle passed by as she pushed back the curtains to watch the warm, clear night.

Tease Time

Bernadette and Richard are bored with the movie they picked out. It’s a terrible flick, so they decide to find other ways to pass the time in a darkened movie theatre. With the thrill of exhibition, they heat each other up for a finale that’s guaranteed to be better than the film they’ve forgotten about.

Bernadette giggled and bit her bottom lip. “Who says we have to leave just because the movie is bad? We can entertain ourselves in other ways.” She massaged his cock.

Richard groaned as he stopped her hand, albeit reluctantly. “What about the ushers?”

Bernadette rolled her eyes again. “We’re in the balcony, hon. We can see the entrance from here.” She pointed to the burgundy double doors, with a small round window carved in the center of each. “We’ll see them before they see us. Just a bit of fooling around, that’s all I want.” She continued to play with him through the tightening material. “We can save the sex for home.”

She watched his face tense and twitch as she unzipped him and freed his cock. Taking a hasty glance at the door, she dipped her head to the exposed tip and licked it slowly, swirling her tongue beneath the glans–finding that sensitive spot of flesh just beneath the head that made his erection jump and harden further.

“All right,” he said, voice thick with growing lust. “You win.” Richard unbuttoned the top snap on his waistband and let his penis bob freely in her skilled grip.

The Other Woman

What was meant to be a brief fling has turned into a tempestuous affair; but can it really blossom into something deeper?

Robert Dibassio is a tall dark Italian, with the temper his Latin heritage is famous for. His family is both respected and feared in the gritty, industrial city of Castle Grove. Robert keeps at arm’s length with his family’s mob ties, yet he can’t exert such skilled control over his feelings for spitfire, redhead Amelia Hatten.

Amy Hatten is a savvy, cynical financial planner. She’s not the settling down kind, and few men have been able to hold her attention beyond the six month mark. But with Robert, her emotions run wild, and the loss of control he conjures within both thrills and terrifies her.

Robert kissed her, gently sucking on her bottom lip. As the hunger of his mouth deepened, his teeth grazed over her cupid’s bow, and his tongue played with her own.

Amy sighed and leaned into him, pushing his damp raincoat back from his shoulders. His growing hardness pressed into her thigh, and she shifted, straddling him so her mound brushed against him through their clothing. Robert made a half grunt, half growl low in his throat, and buried his large, long fingers in her hair.

He tugged her head back, planting quick, teasing bites down her neck and along her collarbone. Amy’s hands slid up his chest, and she worked open the buttons on his shirt.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she protested through clenched teeth. Her brow furrowed and her breathing hastened as Robert’s caress traveled up her leg, beneath the hem of her skirt. “Not right now. Not here.”

With weak effort, Amy tried to peel herself away from his burly form. His other hand left her hair, coiling about her back and locking her in place.

“I’m sure as hell not letting you leave.” His touch slipped beneath her wisp of scarlet thong.

Under The Weather

Jeanette and Danny had a wonderful trip planned, but Jeanette comes down with a terrible cold. The couple decide to postpone their holiday, much to their disappointment. But Danny offers to soothe away some of the disappointment with a massage. Jeanette takes the offer to alleviate her aches and pains, but Danny’s sensual touch soon makes the session less than innocent.

He snickered as he straddled her just below the knees. “I thought a massage might help. I know how stiff and sore you are. And you haven’t been sleeping very well, lately.”

Ok.” She smiled and felt a bit guilty for questioning his motives. “But no funny stuff.” Jeanette closed her eyes.
Danny feigned a sigh of disgust. “Give me some credit.”

As his large hands curled around her shoulders, Jeanette let her aching body seep into the mattress beneath her.
“Ummm, that does feel good,” she murmured into the plush cushion against her cheek.

His gentle kneading moved to the middle of her back, and the combination of the earlier hot soak, her cold, and the soothing rubdown made her feel drugged. So sleepy that she didn’t protest when Danny whispered, “Turn over.”

He rested his wide palms against her clavicle, and worked the tender muscles in her chest. Jeanette let a small moan escape as she shifted on the bed.

“Feel good?” His warm breath, scented with a sweet and spicy hint of cinnamon, brushed over her face.

One hand stopped its fondling, and dropped to untie the fuzzy belt at her waist. He pushed the comforting terrycloth away from her body.

Copyright © 2012 Louise Bohmer. All rights reserved. No part of this short story may be distributed, shared, or posted online without the author’s written permission.

If you enjoyed what you read here, grab Passion Plays for your Kindle. It’s only $0.99 until August 4!


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Kate Jonez gave Passion Plays a 5 star review over at Amazon, and she had this to say about the collection:

“An excellent collection of stories. The author has a talent for creating compelling characters which makes the stories fascinating. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys well-crafted erotica.” –Kate Jonez, dark fantasy author / OG chief editor

Much thanks, Kate! Check it out here:

Are you a reviewer interested in a copy of Passion Plays? I have EPUB and MOBI format available, if you’re interested in reviewing the collection. Drop me an email at or DM me on Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll send you a copy over.

Now Available for your Kindle. Only $2.99!

Passion Plays takes you on a variety of steamy journeys. Female P.I.s seduce a rival detective to score a high-paying case. David, the rebellious print-out prostitute, comes to kill his maker, but his cloned Madame has other plans. A female tattoo artist teaches her apprentice some sexy lessons, while a fiery redhead enchants a young farm boy. A loving partner sets up a surprise ménage for his lady, complete with paddles and handcuffs. Best friends take their relationship to a different level, while the movie theater gets hot for one bored and horny couple. And love gets complicated by family commitments mixed with mob rules. All this and more packed into nine sizzling stories.

This collection is intended for a mature readership over 18 years of age.


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Congratulations to John Claude Smith, winner of the Passion Plays contest! John Claude won an e-copy of Passion Plays, a signed hard cover copy of Tit-Elation, and a $10 Amazon gift card.

For those of you who might not know, John Claude is also a writer of horror and other darkness. Pay him a visit at the link included above.

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Not sure erotic romance is your thing? Try Passion Plays before you buy. Download the Passion Plays Teaser FREE here or here.

And tomorrow, be sure to return to the forest for the special guest we have dropping by. That trail of poisoned powdered sugar is the only hint I’m giving you.


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Come join me and K.H. Koehler, along with many other authors, at The Romance Studio Staying Home Party. There are tons of chances to win books, and you can check out the list of prizes here.

And you’ve got another chance to win a copy of Passion Plays, if you join us at The Romance Studio Staying Home Party. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the list of prizes to enter. Some prizes require you comment on the author’s blog article to enter. So get over there, fill out forms and comment, and have a great time!

The Romance Studio’s Staying Home Party

And don’t forget to enter the other Passion Plays contest, running until April 30 on Jessica Frost’s blog.


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There’s a Passion Plays contest running from now until April 30 over at Jessica Frost’s blog. Jessica and I have a bunch of great prizes up for grabs. Here’s what the lucky winner of the Passion Plays contest will receive:

1) Your choice of either a $10 Amazon gift e-card a $10 jewellery prize from The Jewels of Romance or $10 Wal-Mart gift e-card.

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How to enter: Surf on over to the contest here:

Read the Passion Plays blurb Jessica has posted, and then answer the following question:

From the blurb posted, what is the premise of one of the short stories in “Passion Plays” by Louise Bohmer?

Then send your answers to Jessica at:

Contest deadline is April 30, so get those answers in! You can also check out an excerpt from Red Willow, which is included in Passion Plays.