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I’m late posting the Passion Plays TOC, like that erratic little rabbit. I’m in such a good mood this month, the satyrs, nymphs, and dryads have about had it with my antics. I keep running naked through the forest, screaming “Wheeee!” at all hours. Fae need their beauty sleep. They’ve threatened to chain me in the cranky squirrel’s home. (It’s because I’m productive. I always get happy when I’m productive.)

But, I digress! Here is the Passion Plays TOC. Again, much thanks to Katey Taylor for her essay “On Love,” which appears in the Passion Plays Teaser. Also, thanks going out to W.D. Lekker and Anita Lawless for contributing excerpts from their erotic fiction.

And thanks to Rich Ristow, again, for the tasty Passion Plays cover:

Passion Plays Teaser TOC

On Love by KV Taylor
Passion Plays Soundtrack
200 Word Teasers
Black Silk Stockings
Red Willow
Tantalizing Tidbits from Friends:
Full Bodied Apparition Excerpt by W.D. Lekker
School of Sex Excerpt by Anita Lawless
Sweet Nature Excerpt by W.D. Lekker
Bad Girl Excerpt by Anita Lawless

The teaser will be available on Kindle and Smashwords January 15. Passion Plays will be available February 14 on Kindle and Smashwords. For updates on the collection, and for direct download of the upcoming FREE teaser, bookmark the Passion Plays page.


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A brief update on my upcoming erotic romance collection, Passion Plays. All edits are complete, and the book is formatted, except for some minor tweaks. The collection will be released February 14. I figure Passion Plays is perfect reading for Valentine’s Day. It will be available for Kindle, and I’ll also be selling it at Smashwords. Not sure on B & N just yet, but I’ll keep you updated.

Click on the cover to visit designer Rich Ristow.

As well, I’ll be releasing a Passion Plays Teaser January 15. This FREE ebook will let you preview Passion Plays before you buy. It will also include excerpts from a fellow erotic fiction author, W.D. Lekker, and an introduction from Katey Hawthorne.

Take a peek at its cover, also from Rich Ristow.

The teaser will include two stories from Passion Plays–Red Willow and Black Silk Stockings. Passion Plays will also feature 200 Word Teasers, which let you preview every story in the collection. You’ll also get to check out the Passion Plays soundtrack. All for FREE! Everyone loves try before you buy.

And with those looming release dates, Wheezie better get her butt to work on more promotion. Much thanks to K.H. Koehler for sharing the free preview ebook idea with fellow writers.