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Hey folks,

Species, the urban fantasy I wrote with K.H. Koehler, is now live at Kindle! This will be the last book I’ll write for a long time, so I hope you all enjoy it. Go snap up a copy now! Link and blurb below. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

species-proof-2 Species
Louise Bohmer & K.H. Koehler

About: The world is weird. Leigh had no idea how much so until she gets attacked by a vampire-like… something. And now she’s one of them.

What’s worse, absolutely none of the usual rules apply. The Species, as they are called, operate in a shadowy underworld of gothic debauchery, secretly controlling almost every part of human society.

And then there’s Aidan… one of the most powerful, troubled, and beautiful of the Aristocrats. Leigh could fall hard for the guy, but then she uncovers a massive, global conspiracy by the Aristocrats to turn the human race into cattle and the other Subspecies into slaves.

There’s a civil war coming. And if Leigh and Aidan can’t stop it, then it’s the humans who will pay the ultimate price.

If you like action-packed urban fantasy, pulse-pounding paranormal romance, and an unforgettable adventure, then this novel is for you!

Leap into the world of magic and corruption. Get your copy of Species today!

Kindle US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M2BOSYS
Kindle CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01M2BOSYS
Kindle UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M2BOSYS
Kindle AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01M2BOSYS

Big thanks to everyone who has already grabbed a copy!


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Please note, readers, you must be over 18 years old to visit Adam & Eve Adult Store. If you are, definitely go take a peek at all the fun toys and other goodies they have available.

My Night at the Plantation

I hadn’t seen him in awhile. We lived in separate cities along the east coast and made the best of our distance by texting each other daily and having phone sex at night. But of course, that wasn’t enough. I needed to see him, wanted to feel the weight of him on top of me and most of all I wanted him to dominate me. His voice and words were great ways to pass the time, but they were just a prelude for what I really wanted.

We picked a meeting point–halfway between his house and mine. It was his parents’ old plantation house that was deep into the country smack dab in the middle of the eastern seaboard. The house had been in the family from the beginning and while he wasn’t in support of it, it once was a home to his ancestors’ slaves, which meant there were slaves quarters, shackles and chains. I was excited.

I prepared for the trip by making a quick stop at Adamandeve.com. We were going to need some rope and I needed some sexy new underwear that would probably come off before he really even saw them. I then packed my bags and headed north; he headed south.

I drove along the long winding country roads, the sun had already indolently slipped away and the fall air was creeping in. I ended up reaching the house before he did. I suppose I may have been speeding. He wasn’t far behind, so I sat and waited in the car, mentally preparing myself for the activities to come.

I could see his headlights from a good mile away. I knew it was him by the way his car hugged the road. I looked in the mirror, patted the eyeliner out from under my eyes and got out of the car. He pulled into the driveway and I leaned up against the trunk of my car. As he got out of the car I suddenly felt nervous. My hands gripped to the back of my bumper and I smiled at him.

He didn’t say hi, he didn’t do anything. He just dropped his bag, picked me up and kissed me. All my nervousness went away in that moment.

We didn’t waste any time. He grabbed his bags and I grabbed mine and we went inside, and went straight to the slaves quarters, which was now merely a bedroom. He asked me where the rope was, so I got it out and handed it to him. He then told me to take off my dress and lay on the bed. He proceeded to tie me into an X and then came the blindfold, his favorite. He liked that I didn’t what was coming next and secretly, so did I. He took his time–he always did–teasing every part of me and getting me beyond excited.

Without the visual of him, it was like I was back in my bedroom, on the phone with him as he breathed dirty things in my ear, but this time it was actually happening. After awhile, the teasing became agonizing, it wasn’t enough, so begged him to take my entirely. It was exactly what he wanted. I felt him come at me slow and deep. And it was exactly what I wanted.

We fell asleep shortly there after listening to the sounds of the country all around us. We had the whole weekend ahead of us…


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Scarlet Petals Press, the erotic romance imprint of KHP Publisher Inc., is now open for submissions! Check out the lovely logo and click on it, or the live link below, to read our submission guidelines.


Scarlet Petals Press

We look forward to your stories!


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Thanks going out to Lisa McCarthy for interviewing me recently for her Friday Night Fetish blog feature. We had a fun chat, and you can read it here: http://lisamccarthyauthor.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/friday-night-fetish-3-2/

Lisa’s an erotica and dark fiction author, too, so be sure to take a peek at her book, The Butterfly Waltz, while you’re at her site.


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I’ve extended the Passion Plays sales to August 4, and I’ve dropped the price to 0.99 cents! Grab a copy of Passion Plays at Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords now. Click the links in this paragraph, or the cover, to grab your copy now.

* * *

Passion Plays takes you on a variety of steamy journeys. Female P.I.s seduce a rival detective to score a high-paying case. David, the rebellious print-out prostitute, comes to kill his maker, but his cloned Madame has other plans. A female tattoo artist teaches her apprentice some sexy lessons, while a fiery redhead enchants a young farm boy. A loving partner sets up a surprise ménage for his lady, complete with paddles and handcuffs. Best friends take their relationship to a different level, while the movie theater gets hot for one bored and horny couple. And love gets complicated by family commitments mixed with mob rules. All this and more packed into nine sizzling stories.

This collection is intended for a mature readership over 18 years of age.