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antiheroes_hobb6Magic Man (Anti-Heroes Book V)
Louise Bohmer & K.H. Koehler

About: In Anti-Heroes Book V: Magic Man, the Geek Squad learn some shocking and hard truths, Jinx and Serena grow closer, Nikki finds romance, and the Supervillains face their greatest battle of all with Serena’s uncle!

Excerpt: Serena counted thirty or forty winged gargoyle specks on the horizon before finally giving up and swearing under her breath. They were a huge, nasty looking lot, and something told her she and her friends were in for a bad time of it this sunny afternoon.

“Holy shit,” Jinx said, coming abreast of her and pushing back the hood of his hoodie. “Are those what I think they are?”

“No, they’re a flock of seagulls. What do you think, genius?” Isaac said, slapping Jinx on the shoulder and nearly crumbling the smaller boy to the ground.

Jinx grumbled in response, rubbing his smarting shoulder.

“Um…” Nikki had finally joined them, and she was pointing off to the far end of the fairgrounds where the screeching gargoyles were skimming lower and reaching for a group of kids from their school who were standing by the funnel cake vendor. The moment the kids spotted the threat, they dropped their treats and stampeded away in a panic. One of the gargoyles tilted his wings and snatched at a longhaired girl who had lagged behind her group. She immediately started screaming and dropped to the ground, cold, grey, and as motionless as a statue.

“Did I just see what I think I saw?” Isaac said, his eyes wide.

“Damn, I didn’t know they could do that,” Jinx admitted. He yanked on the cords of his hoodie like he wanted to disappear inside it Kenny McCormick-style. “Did you guys know they could do that?”

Serena thought back to her date with Harrison, when the two of them had first encountered the gargoyles. She remembered how they’d touched people and turned them to stone right before her eyes. She’d used her Grey Magic to battle them and Harrison had used his powers to help her fight them off. But now wasn’t the time to mention that to her friends. Now was the time for quick action. “I think the question is, what are we going to do about it?”

“Serena’s right,” Nikki said. “The Supers aren’t here to help anyone. We’re all these kids have got.” She dropped the red pleather jacket she wore. Under it she wore her favorite black mini, thigh-high stockings and knee-high combat boots. With a determined glance their way, she started to transform. Seconds later her eyes had reddened and her skin had turned a glossy ebony color, though her hair remained the same white-blonde cornsilk, a flaming pale contrast to the rest of her. Her wings shushed forth like two black sails, and the new creature, a combination of Nikki and Nix, said in a lilting, snake-like voice, “Let’s show those creeps what we can really do!”

With that, she rocketed off toward the opposite end of the fairgrounds.

Serena turned to Jinx with a brave smile. “Let’s do it.”

Jinx gave her an arch look. “Go rescue a bunch of kids we don’t know who hate our guts and will probably blame us for this too?”

“That’s the plan.”

He grinned, suddenly looking very handsome and dashing, and shed his own hoodie so he could stretch his wings and shoot off into the air. The earthbound Isaac and Serena exchanged a nod and a smile and raced off toward the crowd of frightened kids.

While Jinx and Nikki met the hoard of gargoyles head-on in mid-air, Serena concentrated on racing to the nearest cluster of kids. Already a number of them had fallen to the ground and lay there like chiseled statues. She stared at them in horror, wondering if they were dead or just in some kind of suspended animation. She feared the former rather than the latter.

As soon as she was among the survivors, she stopped and raised her hands, calling on the Grey to form an impenetrable shield even as four gargoyles descended on her all at once, their claws reaching for her, toothy mouths gaping in hellish screams.

“No!” she cried and pushed out at them. The shield went from a dull, gunmetal grey to bright white. When the gargoyles hit it, they immediately bounced back, but Serena quickly learned that she could step outside her own shield. She looked in at the kids huddled together under the umbrella of her power and said, “Stay there! I promise you’ll be safe!”

She quickly raced to the next cluster of kids, who were under siege by no less than seven ugly gargoyles. The brutes were being held off by no more than Isaac’s quick thrusts as he punched at them to keep them away.

“Lemme give you a hand, big guy,” she said as she weaved another glistening dome of light over the small group of screaming kids.

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Stick with our young adult series, because our next book, Book 6: Witch Wars, will wrap everything up, and rock your world (literally!). And keep checking the site for sneak peeks at the covers for Book 6 and the complete collection!

Thanks again for all the sales and support, folks. We’re thrilled you keep coming back for more adventures with the Geek Squad.


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Happy spring to all our readers! We’ve got some great news to share with you today.

First off, now you can grab Anti-Heroes Book 1: New Girl for FREE at Barnes & Noble. Click the highlighted link here or the book cover below to download a copy to your Nook now.

We thank you a ton for all the sales and making Anti-Heroes, our serial novel, a huge success! We’re both thrilled you’re enjoying your adventures with our supervillains so much. And don’t forget, you can grab Book 2, 3, and 4 now as well! Click on the book covers below to grab copies.

Photobucket antiheroes27  photo 3e8039a7-e83a-400a-aaf9-bd529bcfda94_zps7bea0b8c.jpg

Also, here’s more updates on what’s ahead for us from Ms. K.H. Koehler’s blog.

Right now I’m down in the Mrs. McGillicuddy trenches, frantically finishing up An English Werewolf in New York, the third episode of the new Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery series, and also juggling with finishing up Anti-Heroes with Louise Bohmer.

In addition, my writing partner and I are working on developing a whole new gothic-centered New Adult series we hope to unveil very, very soon. It should begin roughly at the time we finish up Anti-Heroes, and it will center around college life and vampires, two of our favorite subjects!

I wanted to thank you folks who have been making Anti-Heroes such a HUGE success. Louise and I are truly amazed by your response and the way fans have been gobbling up the series. We’ve talked about it, and when we finish the series, we may even release the book in paperback, but we’re still thinking about that. Of course, if there are
any publishers out there interested in releasing the paperback through their own imprint, and maybe taking a look at our next series, you’re welcomed to hit us up for the details anytime!

So more Anti-Heroes goodness coming soon, plus a brand new series in the works! Be sure to visit the three sites for future updates!


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Half Life (Anti-Heroes Book III)

Louise Bohmer & K.H. Koehler

About: In ANTI-HEROES BOOK III: HALF LIFE Jinx makes plans to revive the League of Extreme Evil, Serena finds an unexpected ally among the Supers, and a whole new mystery opens up when the Geeks cross the dimensional boundaries into Witch World.


The trailer was dark and seemingly quiet when Jinx got back to it. He hoped that Martin or Marvin had left and his mom had gone to bed. He couldn’t remember the guy’s name, only that he was an exterminator and Mom started banging him about a half hour after she’d called him to rid the kitchen of a particularly nasty carpenter ant infestation.

He didn’t want to have to deal with either of them tonight. He’d flunked his history exam, the Homecoming dance was coming up that weekend (not that he had a date or anything; he never did), and Serena was still pissed at him and refused to even speak to him in the halls of the school. His week couldn’t get any worse.

Except, of course, it could. The moment he slammed through the trailer door, he could hear them going at it in Mom’s bedroom. He checked the refrigerator and then the microwave for leftovers, but both were empty. He then went to his bedroom, slammed the door as hard as he could to indicate he was home, and lay down on his cot, pulling a ragged pillow over his head to cut the banging noises coming from the next room.

About ten minutes later, he heard his mom scream bloody murder. Springing to his feet, Jinx raced for her room, pulling open the door.

His mom lay on her cot with Martin or Marvin pinning her to the thin mattress, his big hand around her throat as he slowly strangled the breath out of her. He was calling her a slut and a bitch, and Jinx briefly wondered what she had done or said to garner this kind of rage, not that it mattered.

“Get off of her!” Jinx roared as his temper flared.

Martin or Marvin turned to glare at him with bloodshot eyes that didn’t focus correctly. “Get the hell out of here, kid,” he sputtered, and the fumes on his breath rivaled his mom’s.

Something ignited in Jinx then, something dangerous. He took a step forward as if propelled by rage alone. “No,” he growled, and he knew, just knew, that his eyes were as red as rubies in the dark. “You get the hell out of here!” And he pointed at the man.

The back of Martin or Marvin’s blue work shirt burst into flame and the man leaped from the bed. He started running in circles around Mom’s room. Giving a squeak of horror and surprise, Mom jumped from bed and started beating out Marvin’s fire—Jinx had caught the name on the front of his work shirt when the man had briefly turned toward him. She beat at him with a ancient pillowcase until it was out and the room was full of choking smoke. Marvin dropped to the worn green rug, moaning, his shirt a ragged black, burned mass.

“What did you do?” Mom screamed deliriously at him, her mascara running down her pale, thin face. “What did you do, you freak?”

“I was trying to help you!” he screamed back, fighting off tears.

“Get out! Get out of here! You’re as bad as your father!” his mom continued to wail as she checked the damage on Marvin’s back.

Jinx thought about responding to that, but it was useless. All of it. Useless. And he wouldn’t cry. Not in front of her. Not in front of anybody. He reminded himself that no good deed goes unpunished.
He turned and stormed out of the trailer. Isaac usually left their tree house open and he could get at least a few hours of uninterrupted sleep there.


Homecoming was its usual drab affair at Sky City High. Once, in the long ago past, it had been reserved for the return of school alumni, or the triumphant return of the Sky City Sharks from their state tours, but Sky City being what it was—the home of America’s greatest and most celebrated superheroes—it had been relegated to another holiday of hero-worship.

At least, that’s what Serena had heard from Nikki and Isaac. She didn’t hear it from Jinx, because she still wasn’t talking to him.

She stood at the far end of the gymnasium, which was decked out in paper flowers and streamers, near the refreshment tables. She wouldn’t have been there at all if Aunt Macy wasn’t catering the affair. She had made the mistake of mentioning the Homecoming dance three weeks ago, during breakfast one morning. Aunt Macy had immediately perked up. Serena knew Aunt Macy was desperately trying to find a way to help her transition into her new life here in Sky City.

Later that day, as she was coming out of school, she spotted Aunt Macy’s catering SUV in the parking lot, waiting for her. Since she normally took the bus home, she was naturally curious.
“I talked to your principal. Mr. Snodgrass?”

“We call him Snotgrass,” Serena helpfully informed Aunty Macy as she slid into the passenger side of the SUV.

Aunt Macy laughed. “Yeah, him. With the tweed and those awful glasses. I talked to him and he agreed to let me cater the Homecoming dance. Isn’t that nice?”

Serena had wanted to groan and roll her eyes, but she restrained herself. The last thing she needed, especially with all the shit that was going on at school, was her aunt meddling and bringing attention to herself. On the other hand, she knew Aunt Macy needed this. She’d been desperately trying to find a way to help Serena with something—homework, class projects, whatever. Maybe, she thought, if I let her do this one thing, she’ll back off the rest of the year. After all, she knew how sensitive parents were, how they had to be handled with kid gloves or you could wind up hurting their feelings and their egos.

Except her mom, of course. Her mom hadn’t been like other parents. Growing up, Serena and her mom had been more like sisters than mother and daughter. If Serena wanted to cheat on a test or stay out late on a school night, her mom never batted an eyelash. Her mom even taught her spells and how to control her Grey magic. How great was that? The only rule she insisted that Serena live by was to never, ever get caught doing anything wrong.

But that’s because she was a supervillain, once, she reminded herself. Her mom had been nice. But, of course, her mom had no scruples. That was to be expected.

Aunt Macy was different. Aunt Macy was a Norm. She was a good person in over her head. Serena had to remember that.

So Serena had even gone so far as to help Aunt Macy with the catering, which was good. It kept her busy and she was able to avoid talking to anyone at the dance, aside from Nikki and Isaac, who had spent most of the evening huddled around her. All three of them might be miserable and dateless, but at least they could be miserable and dateless together. Aunt Macy said they were too cute together and she was happy Serena was making nice friends at school. Serena didn’t bother to correct her on the nice part, or the fact that not one among them was a Norm, or even fully human.

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