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X-posted from the KHP Publishers site:

As of December 23, 2011, KHP Publishers (Koehler – Hintz & Partners Publishers, to be specific) is now incorporated, and going forward will be assuming the name KHP Publishers, Inc.

This decision was made for several reasons with the consideration of our maturing business model. Incorporating protects and separates our personal assets from business liabilities, while securing our name in the state we headquarter our operations. It gives our company peace of mind in terms of investments and contractual agreements that we structure on an annual basis.

Our business is constantly evolving. Annual profits for 2011 are up over 50% and operating expenses are down 53% from 2010. Removing our publishing overhead and converting the house to “digital only” have also been contributing factors.

We thank our authors, retailers, and most importantly, our customers for their continued support of KHP Publishers, Inc. We are excited for the new year and our upcoming publications from Black Death Books, Skullvines Press, Blasphemous Books, and Violet Ivy Press, and hope you are, too.

S.D. Hintz


KHP Publishers, Inc.


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Hey folks. Not sure if you’ve heard, but I’ve pinched this from the KHP Books Submissions page to spread the word.

Violet Ivy Press is currently closed to submissions.


Our imprints Black Death Books, Skullvines Press, and Blasphemous Books are open for submissions for the month of October, 2011. Please be sure you have read and understood the guidelines completely before submitting your manuscript for consideration.

Submission details for all imprints:

In your introductory email, include your full name, contact info, name of work and genre, a short synopsis of your work, and a brief bio. Include as an attachment a brief 1-3 page synopsis and the first ten double-spaced pages of the work. Please submit all this in ONE document. This document should be double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font and MUST include your name, full contact info and genre. Please put your name, page number and name of work on EVERY page of your submission. Do not include pictures, illustrations or any special formatting, fonts or characters in your submission. Do not submit in any other format than DOC or RTF. Suspect attachments will be deleted.

Since your submission may pass through many hands, it is imperative that you follow these guidelines or we will be forced to reject your project without reading it. Your project MUST be completed at the time of your submission.


Black Death Books

What Black Death Books wants: dark, gothic, extreme horror and urban fantasy.

Length: 30-100k long. Word counts are firm.

Response time: 6-8 weeks

Email: send an email to with the subject line:

‘BDB Submission: [name of your book] by [your name]’

BDB submissions with no subject line or with subject lines that are suspect will likely be sent to spam heaven without being read.


Skullvines Press

What Skullvines Press wants:
grindhouse horror, dark/adult humor, non-fiction and cross-genres that don’t necessarily “fit” anywhere else.

Length: 30-100k long. Word counts are firm.

Response time: 6-8 weeks

Email: send an email to with the subject line:

‘SVP Submission: [name of your book] by [your name]’

SVP submissions with no subject line or with subject lines that are suspect will likely be sent to spam heaven without being read.


Blasphemous Books

What Blasphemous Books wants: all things that might be considered unholy or… blasphemous. Topics include – but are not limited to – deals with the Devil, demons, old school witchcraft or magick, and the dark side of mythology.

Length: 30-100k long. Word counts are firm.

Response time: 6-8 weeks

Email: send an email to with the subject line:

‘BB Submission: [name of your book] by [your name]’

BB submissions with no subject line or with subject lines that are suspect will likely be sent to spam heaven without being read.


Please note: we are not interested in publishing children’s literature, chapbooks, poetry, comics/graphic novels or anything that smacks of fanfiction. We will not publish anything that infringes on another author’s universe, unless you and the author are working together and you are authorized to write the book. No short story collections.

We are looking for work that is both commercial and original, but not duplicates of what’s “hot” on the market right now. We’re afraid that with the volume of submissions we receive, books that do not follow these guidelines must be rejected without further consideration.

Who we’re looking for:

Both new and established authors. You do not need an agent to submit, but if you have one, you are welcome to have your agent submit your project for you.

What you get:

If we choose to publish your work, you will be contracted for ebook rights. You will receive 50% net royalties for every sale and your book will see distribution on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, and elsewhere. You will never be charged any kind of fee, and you may dissolve your contract at any time and for any reason.

If you would like additional information, please contact us.


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Like the white rabbit, I’m late. But you forest visitors are probably used to that by now. It takes a while for this slithery rock dweller to emerge from my mountain of electronic paper. Every now and again, someone needs to poke me with a stick so I remember to come up for air and socialize with you good people. Today, we have the Old School contest winner announcement.

Congrats to Angie Leger, vvb32 reads Old School contest winner! Angie picks herself up an ebook copy of this traditional horror anthology filled with tales of terror from yours truly, David Dunwoody, Horace James, Natalie Sin, Jackie Gamber, Gregory L. Hall, R. Scott McCoy, and poems from Zombie Zak. Check out the Books From Louise page for more information on Old School, feast your eyes on the trailer, and clicky the links to purchase Kindle or print copies, plus other formats.

Random Rambles – Life And All That Rot

In an effort to keep this blog updated on a regular basis, give you some content to keep you all happy, every now and again I’ll inject a bit of anecdotal rambling into blog posts. I don’t know if readers really dig this or not, but I figure you might. If you’re bored to tears, you can always tell me to stop.

August was a bit crazy. For those of you who don’t know, hubby and I live with my mom-in-law and gran-in-law. We’d like to get a place of our own, and sell this place, but for the time being mom-in-law can use the help with gran-in-law. She’s got Alzheimers and Glaucoma. My mom-in-law isn’t in the best of health, so taking care of gran-in-law can be hard on her. We help out.

Anyway, gran-in-law took a tumble recently, and had to go to the hospital. (If you check out my Facebook, you’ll see what a kerfuffle that was with the NB medical system. Methinks a few people in Sussex Regional Hospital need their arses kicked, but that’s violent, and I won’t condone that. I’ll just kill them in a book. I’m digressing…) The final word is she did have a stroke, albeit a mild one. She was probably dehydrated too, so we’re trying to get her to drink more.

Good news followed chaos, thankfully. Hubby got a job at a local restaurant, cooking full time. It’s a little place called The Blue Bird, and he’s already having a great time. He went to cooking school, just didn’t quite complete his apprenticeship (so isn’t a papered chef). He got the job on the day of the interview, which was very cool. While he was supposed to start part time, he was quick and good enough the boss already bumped him to full time. This couldn’t come at a better time, what with Christmas / Yule just around the corner. Universe smiles on us. (Yeah, I’m anthropomorphizing. So sue me.) He even has a fellow metal head to work with. Of course, this makes him happy. He’s been busy downloading tunes to the ipod to take to work. (Cooks and metal and Libras–always in my life. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Hmmmm…)

In my world beneath the rock, I’ve got two books on the editing hotplate. Writing is going well on the paranormal erotic romance. Plot and characters are fleshing out nicely. The other day, words flowed so well it almost wrote itself. I do love those writing sessions. I’ve been putting away no less than 1000 words over the last three days. My co-author is busy writing another chapter of our steampunk erotic romance collaboration. And I’ve just started re-drafting / re-outlining the dark humor dystopian. Had to make some corrections to plot aspects that just wouldn’t fly. Much tighter now, I think. I have to start the new beginning I’ve mapped out soon.

So if I’m quiet on Twitter and Facebook, it’s just because I’m neck deep in words–mine or someone else’s. Speaking of which, I better get back to the editing. Coffee, I hear its lovely call, and I must fill my cup. Hope September is treating you well, friends. Before I go, in the spirit of reoccurring themes in my life, here’s some Lizzy Borden for you:

*slithers back under the rock*


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Say goodbye to LJ and hello to my improved website / blog all in one. In the spirit of K.I.S.S. (no, not the band–Keep It Simple, Stupid), I’ve integrated everything into one. There are handy visuals from which you can buy books, and I’m sure I’ll continue tweaking and streamlining.

Huge thanks goes out to Karen Koehler for all her immense help with fixing this site. If you haven’t visited Karen, you should. Pick up some of her great titles, from steampunk to horror and fantasy. Her latest (and many of her great titles) are only $2.99 USD now on Kindle!

Keeping this post short tonight, cause I’m tired, but look for more news soon! I’ll try and keep updates much more regular.


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KHP Publishers Names New Editor

I’m now a part of the KHP Publishers family. I’ll be joining Jerrod Balzer, K.H. Koehler, and S.D. Hintz as an Associate Editor, and I’m thrilled to be a part of their fine company. I’ve admired Karen’s work, and how she’s handled herself as an independant author, for some time now. I met the dynamic duo of Jerrod and S.D. back in the My Space days, and I’ve always considered them great guys and great friends. Plus they were a blast to work with on Tabloid Terrors 3, and I’m sure I’ll have a blast as a member of the KHP family.

Clicky the banner below to visit KHP right now, and check out all the enjoyable books they have on offer. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, where you can read all about the latest imprint: Violet Ivy Press.