Monster Movie Marathon – Monster Love: a guest post by Louise Bohmer

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Swing on over to Gef Fox’s place, folks, for the Monster Movie Marathon is on now. Check out the great post by Carol Weekes: It Has to Do with the Teeth. Also check out Gef’s audiobook giveaway, with more giveaways to come this month!

Today, I’m pleased to share with you my contribution to the Monster Movie Marathon. Surf over and check out Monster Love: Thanks to the Squad and Universal for an account of my first time watching Monster Squad. I was all of twelve years old, and I loved monsters with all my little black heart. (Who am I kidding? You know I still loves ’em.)

Be sure to visit Gef’s place all month long for tons of monster goodies. Nosferatu says you should, and you wouldn’t want to irritate Nosferatu.