“Armoire” Accepted For Detritus Anthology

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What a cool Halloween treat I received from Kate Jonez. She and S.S. Michaels have given my story “Armoire” a home in the upcoming Detritus anthology.

The idea behind the Detritus anthology is this: tales about the impulse to collect gone terribly awry. My story involves a magickally gifted (or cursed) young woman with a cabinet of curiosities. Filled with inter-dimensional parasites to be exact. Poor Ophelia just can’t help herself. She should be banishing those parasites back to their own world, but she seals them tight in jars, placing them in her mother’s armoire instead. However, tricksy parasites always find a way to get out…

When the full TOC for the Detritus anthology goes live, I’ll be sure to share it with you here. Until then, watch out for parasites, and men pretending to be Don Johnson…