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Fellow writer Heather Wildman recently asked if I’d like to donate some books to this cause, and since I personally think it’s a very worthy one, and being a survivor myself, I’m spreading the word. The auction isn’t until July, but please browse the sites and bookmark. Here’s some info taken from the Shut the Book on Child Abuse site and Children Without a Voice.

This is a silent auction that will take place between July 15 – 20, and winners will be announced July 22. The purpose is to raise money to donate to one local and one national nonprofit organization focused on prevention, education, and advocacy against child abuse. (taken from the site)

Please visit HERE for full details on the auction. I’ll be donating two signed books–Detrius and Old School–and I’ll post a reminder about the auction in late June.

Please also visit Sunflower House, the local non-profit the auction proceeds will be donated to, as well as Children Without a Voice.