Sneak Peek at the Cover for Witch Wars (Anti-Heroes Book 6)

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Hey folks!

If you haven’t been by the Anti-Heroes website for the new cover sneak peek and our latest updates, you should get on over there! Hope May has been treating everyone great. I’ve been busy editing and writing (some I’m not telling you about cause I’m a secret agent woman like that). My mom-in-law got a new puppy after our sweet Kali girl passed on a while back. So Abigail, the new dog, has been keeping us busy, also. She’s the color of a Werther’s candy, so I nicknamed her Abigail Werthers. Cause I’m silly like that. I need to post some pics, I know.

Anyway, on with the cover goodness from Ms. K.H. Koehler!


Witch Wars (Anti-Heroes Book 6) will wrap everything up and keep you zipping through the pages to see what happens to the Geek Squad. We’ll also post a sneak peek at the final collection cover soon, so keep checking the Anti-Heroes site and our sites for more updates!

Be sure to grab all the books in the serial! New Girl (Anti-Heroes Book 1) is free, so you can try out Anti-Heroes before you buy.