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Hey folks,

The Black Act Book 3: Witch Twins Cursed is now available at Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Details, including an excerpt, and buy links are below. Don’t forget to grab Book 1: Witch Twins Born for free at all outlets, and Book 2: Witch Twins Secrets is now available for under a dollar. Links to those are also included below.

Have a great upcoming weekend!

TBA3_11 The Black Act Book 3: Witch Twins Cursed
by Louise Bohmer

About: This is a serial fantasy novel that will be released in regular installments. Watch for Book 4: Witch Twins Rebellion coming soon.

The history of a curse is filled with bloody battles, bitter hatred, and dark secrets.

Through five generations, ghosts of war haunt the wise women. When the rebellion of Glenna ends, their curse sleeps bound in the Tunnels of the Dead, waiting for its chance to re-awaken the war between the wood people and Dalthwein clans. Claire, a wise woman born in the valley of the fae, unwittingly helps it escape imprisonment, while her twin sister Anna receives psychic glimpses of ancient secrets she must unravel. With her scribe teacher Rosalind, she also struggles to uncover the reasons behind Claire’s strange behavior, ever escalating since the death of their guild mother, Grianne.

The Age of the Wise Women will cease if the curse does not end with Anna and Claire. Perhaps inheriting the mistakes of their ancestors and learning the truths of their identities will bring great suffering for these witch twins.

In The Black Act Book 3: Witch Twins Cursed Anna learns more about the origins of the curse handed down through generations of her family, when Rosalind shares with her the story of Drea, the first wise woman, and how Drea’s crime against the wood people led to the creation of the wise women’s guild.

Excerpt: The wind is warm this morning. Anna knew it held an omen that the approaching Summer Quarter would be stiflingly hot and long. It’ll probably drag well into the Autumn Quarter this revolution.

She wouldn’t mind so much though. She preferred the Autumn Quarter, and a lengthened one meant she could enjoy the vibrant colors of final harvest time that much longer.

“Why is Claire not with you?”

Rosalind finally broke the silence as they walked to the guild’s orchard—a long, sweet smelling grove of apple trees. The fruit was sacred to wood people and Dalthwein alike, and served as a symbol of hardy abundance for harvest times.

“She was already gone this morning when I woke up.”

She heard Rosalind’s soft sigh of worry. She certainly shared this troubled state of mind with her.

They continued their walk, Anna carrying the small picnic basket. Though the birds sang and the day was lovely, in their collective thoughts Anna and Rosalind exchanged nothing but darker, troubled images.

Once they entered the orchard and settled on the grass beneath a leafy, fragrant apple tree, Anna decided to break the quiet.

“Last night, you said we come from the tainted line of Goddard.” She opened the basket. “That Claire and I are of the McCleod ancestry. I don’t understand. I thought the fae sent all of the McCleod tribe out of the Dalthwein lands. After the Rebellion of Glenna, when her connection to the McCleod bloodline was discovered, she and her sympathizers were exiled. Most went back to their nomadic roots. That’s what you elders taught us.”

Rosalind looked so weary, so old and frightened. Anna feared the toll all this was taking on her elder’s health.

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You can also grab Book 1 and Book 2 via the links below, or visit The Black Act page for more excerpts and other goodies.

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