Cover Reveal for The Black Act Book 4: Witch Twins Rebellion

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Hey folks,

September was a bit crazy with our move and dealing with Bell Aliant in the great internet and phone capers, but I’m back online (yay!) and catching up in various areas. We’re so happy to be living in Moncton! While I love the country, I admit I missed the convenience of life in a small city. That and there’s a lot of maintenance (which means more money spent) involved in rural life. At least, this was our experience. Sure the people above us sound like a small herd of elephants somedays, but I still love our little apartment and am happy to be here.

Anyway, enough babbling. On to the cover reveal for The Black Act Book 4: Witch Twins Rebellion. I will have this released by the end of September.


And don’t forget you can grab Book 1: Witch Twins Born for free at Amazon US, Amazon CA, Kobo, and Smashwords, or you can download the PDF here on The Black Act page. Thanks for making it #5 in Fantasy / Coming of Age, #7 in Sword & Sorcery, and #19 in Fairy Tales! It’s appreciated.

Book 2: Witch Twins Secrets and Book 3: Witch Twins Cursed are now available at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords for under $1! Click the links here to grab your copies, or click the book covers below for more details and a full list of buy links.

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Hey folks,

K.H. Koehler and I are thrilled to find out Anti-Heroes The Complete Collection has been picked as book of the month by TMV Cafe! Big thanks going out to Mr. Gregory L. Hall (The Funky Werepig himself!), TMV Cafe, and I Smell Sheep for choosing us!

Thank you to everyone who has been downloading Anti-Heroes like crazy. And don’t forget there’s also a paperback now!



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Hey folks!

antiheroes_collection7For those of you who still like to hold a physical book in your hands (and sniff deep of those toner fumes), Anti-Heroes The Complete Collection is now available in paperback. Click the book cover or the link here to grab a copy now.

And for the ereader crowd, you can grab the collection at Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords.