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It’s Women in Horror Month! And here, in no particular order, are some women in horror you should check out.

K.H. Koehler
Debbie Kuhn
KV Taylor
Natalie Sin
Cate Gardner
Carole Lanham
Lisa McCarthy
S.P. Miskowski
Kate Jonez

And why not treat yourself and snag some free books for V-Day? K.H. Koehler has a gift for you here, and you can grab some free Anti-Heroes here. Or click the purty covers below to grab your goodies.

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go listen to new Finntroll with my hubby.


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Monthly free reads time is here. For November, our free reads selection includes graphic sexual content. So viewer discretion advised (and all that jazz). In other words, if you’re under 18, and your parent catches you reading this, don’t blame me. On with the free reads.

Fifteen Minutes

by Louise Bohmer

She lay back against the fine, human leather of her pleasure throne, as he strapped her in. He clamped metallic ribbons around her wrists and ankles, and then stood back to admire his handiwork. Plump, violet lips spread in a wicked grin for him.

“Shall I pop it in?” Cocking a sideways smile back, he flipped the prismatic disc in his nimble fingers.

She nodded.

The organic porn computer squealed as he approached. He flicked his tongue over the white, CD-ROM label, teasing the squirming machine. Sliding the circular phallus into its quivering drive, he let the AI whore enclose him in its glistening, rubbery VR transmission pod.

His lover winked from her sex-toy chair, and lowered her screeching VR visor. Organic head-units excited easily, and often finished before fornication started. Thanks to sleek, savvy design, its premature ejaculation did not affect the wearer’s pleasure, however.

He coiled a well-veined hand around his cock, closed his eyes, and let the fantasy bleed into her mind.

She moaned and arched her back. Blue flames slithered up her thighs and hovered, in an electric halo, around her body.

Pump … One, two, three. He felt his balls lifting up inside of him.

The thick, silver dildo parted the seat of her chair. Came up between her legs like some arcane, fertility god from a lost civilization.

The computer reached down, and grabbed his penis with anxious cables. His hand fell away, and he let the binary pervert work him with its ropy caress.

She let out a cry, as the synthetic cock entered her.

The plastic-coated tentacles stroked him faster. He bucked under their artful touch, and watched her while the cold, lifeless grip pleasured him. He wondered who she was dreaming of this time.

He wondered when she had first started hating him. When did her cum-stained throne replace his love?

Before he heard the scream, he smelled the burning flesh.

The vibrator bulged as it fucked her harder. She twitched in her manacles, eyes wide with fear, as the shining phallus expanded more with each frantic thrust.

He tried to yank away from the embrace of the AI porn unit, but it held him close, cooing digital flirtations in his ear. Promising him more, and better, pleasure than the human bitch could ever offer. He relaxed his struggle.

She spied the surrender in his face. He saw it in her expression; like a child betrayed. She lurched forward in her steel cuffs, but to no avail.

The sound of her death was wet and anticlimactic. The rock hard vibrator jutted through her burst stomach, decorated with an offering of entrails, and assorted inner meats.

His sympathy for her was brief. But he hoped, at least, she came before she exploded.

Copyright © 2011 Louise Bohmer. All rights reserved. No part of this short story may be distributed, shared, or posted online without the author’s written permission.

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