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Congratulations to John Claude Smith, winner of the Passion Plays contest! John Claude won an e-copy of Passion Plays, a signed hard cover copy of Tit-Elation, and a $10 Amazon gift card.

For those of you who might not know, John Claude is also a writer of horror and other darkness. Pay him a visit at the link included above.

And don’t forget to grab your copy of Passion Plays now! Only $2.99 in the Kindle store or at Smashwords.

Not sure erotic romance is your thing? Try Passion Plays before you buy. Download the Passion Plays Teaser FREE here or here.

And tomorrow, be sure to return to the forest for the special guest we have dropping by. That trail of poisoned powdered sugar is the only hint I’m giving you.


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Come join me and K.H. Koehler, along with many other authors, at The Romance Studio Staying Home Party. There are tons of chances to win books, and you can check out the list of prizes here.

And you’ve got another chance to win a copy of Passion Plays, if you join us at The Romance Studio Staying Home Party. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the list of prizes to enter. Some prizes require you comment on the author’s blog article to enter. So get over there, fill out forms and comment, and have a great time!

The Romance Studio’s Staying Home Party

And don’t forget to enter the other Passion Plays contest, running until April 30 on Jessica Frost’s blog.


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There’s a Passion Plays contest running from now until April 30 over at Jessica Frost’s blog. Jessica and I have a bunch of great prizes up for grabs. Here’s what the lucky winner of the Passion Plays contest will receive:

1) Your choice of either a $10 Amazon gift e-card a $10 jewellery prize from The Jewels of Romance or $10 Wal-Mart gift e-card.

2) Passion Plays Ebook

3) A copy of the now out of print Best of Tit-Elation Volume 1, Number 1

How to enter: Surf on over to the contest here:

Read the Passion Plays blurb Jessica has posted, and then answer the following question:

From the blurb posted, what is the premise of one of the short stories in “Passion Plays” by Louise Bohmer?

Then send your answers to Jessica at:

Contest deadline is April 30, so get those answers in! You can also check out an excerpt from Red Willow, which is included in Passion Plays.


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Read An Ebook Week: 25% off Passion Plays, starting today:
Use coupon code: REW25

Click the link or book cover to grab a copy now! Offer valid until March 10.

Don’t forget: You can also try Passion Plays before you buy. Download the Passion Plays Teaser for free:


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Another free read today from the new Passion Plays erotic romance collection. This 500 word excerpt of Bio-ink & Blueprint Whores recently appeared on Twitter. For those of you who missed my tweets, I thought I’d re-blog it here. This excerpt is SFW. If you’d like to read the story in its entirety, purchase a copy of Passion Plays here or here. You can also grab a copy by clicking the book cover below. If you’d like to try Passion Plays before you buy, download a free copy of the Passion Plays Teaser here and here, or by clicking the book cover below.

Now, on with the excerpt!

Bio-ink & Blueprint Whores

David slid the metal door open and slipped into the basement laboratory. Dr. Valentine sat no more than six feet away, in his computerized throne. His back faced the entrance, making it almost too easy for David to sneak up on him.

“Word is you’ve cloned Mistress Nadine.” He stroked the young doctor’s temple with the sleek barrel of his plasma gun. David clamped a hand over Jacob Valentine’s mouth, cutting off his protests.

“When I left you alive,” David whispered in the prodigy’s ear, “I told you to end this operation. Seems you’ve gone against my wishes.”

The stink of black market genetics wafted from the young scientist’s lab coat.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” His hands rose in surrender. “I’m not in the clone-whore business anymore.” His feeble lie squeaked from pinched lips. “Just…selling information these days.”

David whirled the black chair around and grabbed Dr. Valentine by his soiled lapels. “You can’t bullshit me. I know there’s a fresh Ms. Nadine lurking about.” He cast his gaze around the basement. “My contacts saw her letting some clone whores loose over in the Zinfirth District.”

Jacob stared at the streamlined snout of the weapon, now inches from his face. He ground his teeth together and frowned.

Sneering, David nodded at him. “I’ll be generous. Five minutes to come up with something convincing.”

Letting out a yelp, the doctor rushed him, jabbing an elbow into his stomach. A surprised whoosh of air gusted from David’s mouth. He struggled to keep his balance, and a firm hold on the geneticist.

Jacob wiggled out of his grip and fled toward a metal door three feet from the monitoring desk. He slapped a big red button poking from a green panel, before David took him down with a pulse-three from the gun.

At mid-range, death was incredibly painful. His particles ripped apart in an awkward, slow-motion dance.

As Jacob’s screams died, David moved toward the dented barrier. His gloved hand curled around the doorknob. It squealed as he turned it.

Inside, a green hallway stretched left and right. Six bolted portals lined the corridor. David turned left and made for the last one. He knew the way well. He’d walked this route many times.

The rumbling of a cooling bio-ink printer came from behind the heavy iron. David set his weapon to a higher pulse level, and drew back the rusty bar. He opened the door just enough to slink through, keeping low and watchful once inside.

The supercomputer gave a low hum as David walked closer to the six hulking, grey printers. They lined one wall of the room. Their stainless steel birthing trays stretched out like the slender bodies of mechanical insects, each supported by three pairs of thin, metal legs.

David approached the third flesh-paper chute. A synthetic afterbirth smeared its gleaming channel walls. Another printout prostitute spewed forth, courtesy the technology-cum-genetics black-market.

A soft click sounded behind him, and David whirled around. Silver skin bared and shining, Nadine entered from a room opposite the printers. Her soft, blonde hair fell in loose curls about her shoulders, brushing the tops of her ample breasts.