Tabloid Terrors 3: Alien Perverts Wrecked My Pubes

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Soon it will return! Visit to grab TT 1 (with a brand new story from K.H. Koehler) and TT2 now!

Tabloid Terrors 3: Alien Perverts Wrecked My Pubes.


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Recently, I did an interview for Duotrope, when they updated the Black Death Books listing for KHP Publishers Inc. Check out the Q&A by clicking the text below.

Duotrope interviews Louise Bohmer


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X-posted from the KHP Publishers site:

As of December 23, 2011, KHP Publishers (Koehler – Hintz & Partners Publishers, to be specific) is now incorporated, and going forward will be assuming the name KHP Publishers, Inc.

This decision was made for several reasons with the consideration of our maturing business model. Incorporating protects and separates our personal assets from business liabilities, while securing our name in the state we headquarter our operations. It gives our company peace of mind in terms of investments and contractual agreements that we structure on an annual basis.

Our business is constantly evolving. Annual profits for 2011 are up over 50% and operating expenses are down 53% from 2010. Removing our publishing overhead and converting the house to “digital only” have also been contributing factors.

We thank our authors, retailers, and most importantly, our customers for their continued support of KHP Publishers, Inc. We are excited for the new year and our upcoming publications from Black Death Books, Skullvines Press, Blasphemous Books, and Violet Ivy Press, and hope you are, too.

S.D. Hintz


KHP Publishers, Inc.