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TBACompanion12The Black Act: Witch Twins Saga Companion
Louise Bohmer
Essay by Kate Jonez

About: The Black Act: Witch Twins Saga Companion is a guide to the world found in the dark fantasy novel by Louise Bohmer. This ebook includes an essay by Bram Stoker nominated author Kate Jonez, a glossary of terms, a play list, excerpt from The Black Act: Witch Twins Saga, and more.

When Approaching The Fair Folk by Kate Jonez
The Black Act Glossary
The Black Act Playlist
Peering into the Fickle Eye of Fae
Troll Hunter Review
Queen of Samhain (The Sound of Horror version)
The Black Act Excerpt
Bonus Story: The Book of Dreams
Fae Books & Movies

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test8d Grab Witch Twins Born free, the first book in The Black Act serial by Louise Bohmer.

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About: The history of a curse is filled with bloody battles, bitter hatred, and dark secrets.

Through five generations, ghosts of war haunt the wise women. When the rebellion of Glenna ends, their curse sleeps bound in the Tunnels of the Dead, waiting for its chance to re-awaken the war between the wood people and Dalthwein clans. Claire, a wise woman born in the valley of the fae, unwittingly helps it escape imprisonment, while her twin sister Anna receives psychic glimpses of ancient secrets she must unravel. With her scribe teacher Rosalind, she also struggles to uncover the reasons behind Claire’s strange behavior, ever escalating since the death of their guild mother, Grianne.

The Age of the Wise Women will cease if the curse does not end with Anna and Claire. Perhaps inheriting the mistakes of their ancestors and learning the truths of their identities will bring great suffering for these witch twins.

In Book 1: Witch Twins Born Claire begins to confess the truth to Anna, and Anna discovers her twin is having an affair with a woodman named Luthien.

Young Adult

antiheroes_1_9 Grab New Girl free, the first book in the Anti-Heroes serial by Louise Bohmer & K.H. Koehler.

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About: Get Ready to Root for the Villain…

Serena is the new girl in a school that caters to not just “Norms,” but the sons and daughters of the world’s greatest Superheroes. The problem? She’s the daughter of the Night Witch, a cardinal member of the League of Extreme Evil. She’d love to join the other super teens and prove she isn’t the villain that her mother was, but it isn’t long before she falls in with a group of Supervillains that the school calls the Geek Squad, which includes a biochemically created vampire named Nikki, a genetically altered jock named Isaac, and Jinx, the son of Satan himself!

She’s immediately attracted to Jinx, but Serena has vowed to do what’s right. But there are secrets buried deep within Serena’s past that threaten to kill her, and even rock the foundation of Earth itself! An evil decay is reaching out from a distant star, and the Supers and Geeks will need to work together in order to defeat it–if they can keep from killing each other. The Supers thought the greatest battle for control of Earth had been fought and won, but a cosmic war is coming, and it isn’t long before it’s difficult to tell the difference between hero and villain.

Erotic Romance

Passion Plays teaser is a free ebook that lets you try Passion Plays, an erotic romance collection from L. Bohmer, before you buy. Teaser also includes an essay from Katey Hawthorne and erotic excerpts from W.D. Lekker and Anita Lawless. Click the cover below to download in MOBI, EPUB, PDF, RTF, DOC, LRF, PDB, and TXT formats.

You can also grab the teaser at Smashwords and Kindle.

Passion Plays, the erotic romance collection, will be for sale on Valentine’s Day.

Table of Contents

On Love by Katey Hawthorne (KV Taylor)
Passion Plays Soundtrack
200 Word Teasers
Black Silk Stockings
Red Willow
Tantalizing Tidbits from Friends:
Full Bodied Apparition Excerpt by W.D. Lekker
School of Sex Excerpt by Anita Lawless
Sweet Nature Excerpt by W.D. Lekker
Bad Girl Excerpt by Anita Lawless

Free Short Stories

Detritus Peek: Armoire Excerpt

Midsummer Nightmare

Fifteen Minutes

Halloween Free Reads 2011 – Flash Fiction Trio

Halloween Free Reads 2011 – Unknown Guardian

Check out Parlee Road in The Red Penny Papers – Spring 2011 Issue. Click on the cover to view the story. Parlee Road: Hard choices and family secrets make grisly bedfellows.

You can also read a miniview with Louise in the Spring Issue. Click the highlighted text to surf in and enjoy.

Free Reads From Friends

ClockworkCompanionDownload The Clockwork Companion by K.H. Koehler–a complement guide to her new steampunk erotic romance A Clockwork Vampire. Includes tasty excerpts, deleted scenes, an intro from Louise, the Clockwork Vampire soundtrack, and much more. Available in Mobi, Epub, PDF, RTF, DOC, LRF, PDB, TXT. Simply click on the link below to visit K.H. Koehler’s download page:

While at Ms. Koehler’s site, be sure to browse her new Mrs. McGillicuddy releases, too!

wolfheartFREEBIEBe sure to download Moon Madness by Michele Lee, a free companion to Wolf Heart featuring a play list, character sketches, an exclusive short story and an exclusive sample of Wolf Heart. You can grab it at Amazon and Kobo. Hop over to Michele’s site for more freebies.



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