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Louise Bohmer has over eight years experience in editing and publishing. She edits for Permuted Press and has edited for many publishers and authors in a variety of genres, including general interest, romance, erotica, mystery, horror, and speculative. Her writing experience extends across fiction, ghost writing, ad copy, web content, SEO copy, and press releases. She offers freelance services in editing, book cover design, ghost writing, and ebook as well as print formatting. Please hit the contact ribbon for info and quotes. Or drop Louise an email at:

Book Cover Samples

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You can view more covers in my portfolio here.

Editing Testimonials

“Louise Bohmer is one of the most professional and skilled freelance editors I’ve worked with. I have no hesitation in sending any manuscript to her.”

Jacob Kier – Permuted Press (former owner)

“So awesome to see The Creepers with some professional polish on it. Thanks Louise Bohmer. You do great work.”

Norman Dixon – author of The Creepers

“Thank you so much! I glanced at the file this morning and love everything you did. Your work is exceptional. You really enhanced my work. WOW! Such a pleasure and honor working with you.”

Vanessa Fewings – author of Enthrall

“I’m excited to have Louise Bohmer on board to edit my new book The Devils You Know. Louise did a fantastic job on my Permuted Press book Beyond the Barriers and I’m sure she’ll kill it on this book as well.”

Timothy W. Long – authors of Beyond the Barriers, Among the Living

“Louise, you do incredible work and I’m glad to be involved with such a pro. I respect your opinions and insights … that is a major part of trusting an editor.”

Steven L. Shrewsbury – author of Tormentor, Stronger Than Death, and Bad Magick (w/ Nate Southard)

“Louise, I have to tell you — you really did a wonderful job on this. (I) was thrilled by the firm editorial hand on my work.”

Bob Freeman – author of Shadows Over Somerset and Descendant

Ebook & Print Formatting Samples

Enthrall Her by Vanessa Fewings
Bohemian by Vanessa Fewings
The Black Act: Witch Twins Saga by Louise Bohmer



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