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Happy Halloween to everyone! What better way to treat yourself on October 31st than with some free books? Hop on over to: http://khpbooks.com/khp-giveaway/ and pick up 20 free ebooks in our Halloween giveaway!

And another perfect digital treat for Halloween is Anti-Heroes, the new young adult serial novel by K.H. Koehler and yours truly. Visit our site to pick up Book 1 and Book 2 now! http://antiheroesbook.blogspot.ca/


KHP Giveaway


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Check it out here or click on the card! –> http://khpbooks.com/khp-giveaway/


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Need some scary Halloween reads? Look no further! Check out KHP Books Halloween ebook giveaway. Here’s your chance to own two Skullvines Press titles for your e-reader at no cost!

Is there a catch? Do you have to sign up for anything? Is it a drawing? No! We’re simply giving away two titles because we (including our excellent authors) wanted to share them with you for the holiday. We’re cool like that.

THE SPECIFICS: From Friday through Monday (October 28th to 31st, 2011), email us at mail@khpbooks.com (or use our Contact page) with the following in the subject line:

“I’m Sick and Disturbed”

Be sure to tell us which format you prefer: epub for Nook/Sony, etc or mobi for Kindle.

That’s it! We’ll respond with the desired formats attached for both In Sickness by L.L. Soares & Laura Cooney and Tranquil Disturbances by Garry Charles. Two great horror titles as a special Halloween ebook giveaway from KHP!

While we expect nothing in return, we would deeply appreciate a review for them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc, whether you enjoyed them or not. No pressure either way.