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Kate Jonez recently posted the list of contributors for the Detritus anthology, and its line up promises to be a treat for readers. For those of you who don’t remember the theme behind the Detritus anthology, here’s a recap: tales about the impulse to collect gone terribly awry.

Detritus Anthology Contributors

Brent Kelly: Ride
Edmund Colell: Shrieking Gauze
Jeremy Shipp: Chewed up
Kealan Patrick Burke: The Room Beneath the Stairs
Lee Widener: Let Them Into Your Heart
L.S. Murphy: The Tick-Tock Heart
Louise Bohmer: Armoire
Mary Borsellino: Shots and Cuts
Michael Colangelo: Arkitektur
Michael Montoure: Heroes and Villains
Neil Davies: Candy Lady
Opal Edgar: Crawling Insect Life
Pete Clark: In His Own Graven Image
Phil Hickes :Mrs. Grainger’s Animal Emporium
S.P Miskowski: The Highest and the Sweetest

I’m tickled to be included in such great writer company. I hope you enjoy my contribution to the Detritus anthology, Armoire. The story of a magickally gifted (or cursed) young woman with a cabinet of curiosities.

Upcoming from Omnium Gatherum. Click the image above to pay them a visit.