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I meant to blog this days ago, but life has a way of happening. So thanks again to Milo James Fowler for interviewing me about Unsuper Translator, my story in Superpow. And if you head over and read it, you can enter to win this fine anthology! Link below:



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Our thanks goes out to Maureen Wozniak for her recent review of Half Life (Anti-Heroes Book 3). Here’s what Maureen had to say about our Anti-Heroes series.

5 stars. “I loved the book! The plot was awsome though the books could have been longer. If you enjoy books wih magic in them then this would be a perfectt book for you. From the diversity of the charachters to the plot that catches your attention this is a gret read” –Maureen Wozniak

Also, thanks to Brittany for her recent review of New Girl (Anti-Heroes Book 1). Here’s Brittany’s thoughts.

5 stars. “Omg this was like really good and everything was perfect except it was like super short to me like seriously.” –Brittany

Thanks for the reviews, readers! We really appreciate hearing how much you’re enjoying the Anti-Heroes serial. And, don’t forget, you can still grab New Girl for FREE at Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords. Just click the link here or book cover below to get your copy now!


Don’t forget, you can also grab Books 2, 3, and 4 now! Continue your adventures with the Anti-Heroes.